Reese Volunteer Fire Dept.
Reese Volunteer Fire Dept.
July 17 - July 22
Westminister,  MD

Get Directions:

The Reese Volunteer Fire Dept. is located at 1745 Baltimore Blvd. in Westminister, MD

Specials & Discounts

single tickets:  $1.50 each
book of 30 tickets:  $35.00
book of 50 tickets:  $55.00

Rides required 3-5 coupons.

Monday:  $10.00 per person
Tuesday and Wednesday:  $21.00 per person
Thursday, Friday and Saturday: $23.00 per person

Please Check posted height Requirements at coupon booth before purchasing coupons or wristband.

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Saturday: 6pm-11pm

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